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by Perry | 3/25/2019

I just want to take some time to share with you what is happening at Abundant Joy Ministries. We have begun the year with a bang through prison ministry. We have been to the Youth and adult facilities. We were blessed to partner with Emerge Ministries in SC this March and be a part of seeing youth come to know Christ. Many lives have been changed in the first 3 months. I have been amazed at what the Lord is doing. 

I am excited about the areas we are going to be ministering. We have been invited to the mid-west to help with the flood victims there plus an invitation to help a man in Eastern NC. He was flooded out during the storms last year and was helping others when he contracted an illness and has caused him to not be able to rebuild his own home. We are also looking at helping an elderly lady who had a fire in her kitchen. She does not have insurance and badly needs the help. She is raising her grandchildren and having a difficult time. She is in Virginia. 

We will be ministering with the youth as we partner with Quest Ministries this summer during their week long camp. This is an opportunity to pour Jesus into our youth.

In May we'll be spending most of our time in The Virginia prisons. A door has opened there and I am very excited to minister with Christ Song Ministries. We will also be doing our regular prison ministries in North and South Carolina. We may also have a door opening in South Dakota to go to the prisons there. We are determined in our hearts to show the love of Jesus to as many as possible. 

We are also looking forward to doing some outreach ministries throughout different communities and showing the love of Christ through the ministry. 

In order to accomplish this we need first and foremost your prayers. We believe in the concept that Paul used when he was a tent-maker to support his ministry. We usually work for the funds to be able to go. God has always been faithful however this year there is a lot more on our plate and we need your help. With the traveling and accommodations costing more this year it has been difficult. Plus we have not had the work we usually have in order to go. Our trip to Tennessee could be within the next week along with our trip to Eastern NC and Virginia. 

Your help would be greatly appreciated and is tax deductible. You can donate either by mail:

Abundant Joy Ministries
PO Box 1159
Hayesville, NC 28904

Or 1006 Shepherd Drive 
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Or PayPal on our web site

Florence Aftermath

Penned by Tabby Yocis | 10/19/2018

We will be going back in a month to help for a couple of weeks.  We need your help to make it happen.

Below is a summary of the last trip by one of my grandkids, she kept a daily log of what we did and things that happened.

This touched my heart, from a 16 year 

If God touches your heart to give:
Abundant Joy Ministries,
1006 Shepherd drive
Hayesville NC 28904

Something To Think About

        Over four hundred houses still needed to be torn out in one county. Usually after the first two or three weeks people tend to forget what's happened to these people mainly because they don’t see it. They on with their everyday lives thinking that nothing is wrong, when these people who have been affected can’t go back to their normal lives, they have to make a new normal for their lives. This kind of thing is not something that you can get back up easily from.

Most of these people have lost everything that they own, some of them have lost their family members. Some kids will never be the same because they can’t go back to their houses, or play with their toys, or sleep in the same bed ever again. These people will have to find out a way to live all over again because most of them don’t have any place to stay accept the shelter and those who didn’t go into the shelters are just letting their houses dry out and moving right back into them, where they could die because of the bacteria and mold growing. So many people are without a place to call their own right now. Many of the people did not have flood insurance and they have to apply for FEMA and get what they can from them and rely on other people to come and help them.

A lot of people are just giving up they are gutting their houses and selling them. Some people are living in tents outside of their houses waiting on them to dry out or waiting for help because they don’t want to move back into their house when they know they could die. If you want to feel just a small part of what they are just imagine yourself taking everything and I mean everything you own, or that is in your house and put it on the side of a road and watch someone who is getting paid to come grab all your belongings and throw it away, then you still have all your bills to pay, and everything that you had to pay before it still keeps on coming it doesn’t stop.

These people are going through something that will change their lives forever. Just looking at their houses while driving by you wouldn’t know that they were destroyed inside unless they had a pile of stuff on the side to the road. They looked like everyday houses that you would see driving around in your own neighborhood.

Whatever you do don’t forget about these people who are hurting next time you go through one of their towns and wonder why their belongings on the side of the road. Just think about that.

Death Row

by Perry Shaw | 3/14/2016
We went to death row Sunday, March 13th, and we had great services on both sides.Lee did a great job leading the service and worship and we took Jay Ross and he brought two great words.
At the very end Lee and Jay we're going cell to cell and praying with any that wanted it the last cell they came to the guy was shutting his window but they caught him in time to ask if they could pray for him and he agreed. Lee asked him if he had any prayer request and this is what he said "it's over for me but please pray for my family" Lee not only prayed for his family but she also prayed for this man, I don't know but that was probably the first time someone has shown any concern for him in a long time. We're praying that this is a beginning to a changed heart.
What an awesome move of God! Thank you Lord.by

Lori Smith


This is our awesome friend Lori Smith and she is a big part of Abundant Joy.

She along with Lee and myself went to death row today as we do every month we had awesome services but some very special happened this time and I can't wait to share it.

Lori is totally blind and has been for several years but its never stopped her from ministering and she's been ministering with us for over five years and she is always upbeat and happy but about five weeks ago her 31 year old son died of a massive heart attack and as you can imagine she was devastated and she cancelled coming to death row to stay home and be with her loved ones.

We went and did the ministry at death row and we asked them to pray for Lori and her family.

Fast forward to the ministry today one of the guys asked me to come and talk to him at his cell ,when I did he to me he had a sympathy card for Lori and the awesome part about that is he got the officers to take it around the row and almost 20 of these men that a lot of people have given up on wrote beautiful sympathy notes all over that card WOW!

We can't take anything out but I got it from him and surprised Lori during the service and read the card and all the notes to Lori she sat with tears running down her face it was a beautiful moment in a place that beautiful things don't happen much.

So before we write people off and I'm well aware that they committed awful crimes and without Divine intervention they will be put to death. But God has great mercy on all of us and he calls us to show that mercy to EVERYONE and God loves us and because of the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross gives all the right to all that repent to be saved and set free.

But men who are considered dead in this world gave a beautiful hurting blind lady so much joy and love after hearing this how can anybody say God doesn't work in mysterious ways ,praise the Lord!!!


Busy For The Lord

Well we are halfway through a very busy week starting last Sunday we were at Tabor City corr. Had a spirit filled service eight men saved and over forty re dedicated their lives then Lee had restoration house service at Life church she had Pastor Cotton an anointed man of God speaking they had a powerful service and lives were saved Praise God!

Then Tuesday Lee and I headed out at 8am for Death Row at Leiber Corr down by Charleston SC Lee led worship and spoke a powerful message about God's undying love no matter what we've done his love is unchanging, then we were able to go cell to cell and lay hands on and pray for these men.
Then we drove to Columbia for a service at Kirkland corr. Once again awesome time in the Lord I'm always amazed at the love and power of God and just how much he wants to set the captives free. We had one saved and fourteen calling out to God for forgiveness of sin that they had let penetrate their Life beautiful moment.

This morning we left out at five am to head to Charlotte to be with a fellow minister but more than that Jim and Joy are close personal friends for years. God blessed and touched my brother instead of six to eight hours the surgery lasted only four and the doctors said things went super good Praise God.
And finally tonight we went to a funeral service for Scotty Smith he's the youngest son of Lori Smith and friend and member of our team once again God showed his wonderful Grace and Mercy three friends of Scotty received Jesus as their Savior and Lord!

We are free tomorrow and then we will be at Lincolnton corr. Fri.and sat. Then Sunday morning we will be at Swannanoa corr. Center for women we ask for your continued prayers that God would protect us as we travel but most of all that lives will be changed and people set free in Jesus, Thanks.

Missions Trip Oklahoma

From Admin | 9/14/2013
OCTOBER 15th - 25th 2013

We would appreciate your prayers because Abundant Joy and Restoration House Ministries are once again partnering together and headed back to Oklahoma October 15th through the 25th 2013. We are also partnering with Hope Church in Oklahoma City to help with clean up and to begin to help with the rebuilding in certain areas. They are currently working in the area of Shawnee and right now this would be our area.

 My hope is to take 4 guys from Restoration House again. In order to accomplish this we are in need of $3,000.00, $300.00 per person, this will enable 10 people to go for 10 days and includes food and lodging while there. It will take us 2 days to get there and we will need to stay at a hotel on the way there and back, this is also included plus gas. We would request that those who go with us provide their own meals on the way there and back.

Any moneys that are raised over the $3,000.00 would be given to the ministry in Oklahoma to help families in need.

I believe this is an opportunity for some of the guys at Restoration House to give to those in need. I know that when we went to Alabama a few years ago it made a difference in their lives and I hope that it will do the same for the guys and others who would like to go.

I ask that you would consider helping us in the effort to help those in need. Again we appreciate your prayers as the Lord leads us and provides. Thank you in advance for your prayers and your help.

God Bless

Reverend Perry Shaw

Pastor Lee Gant


from: Administrator | 9/9/2013
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