23 February

To Read About our last trip - Helping Those That Are Living With the Affects of Hurricane Florence; Click Here.

welcome to abundant joy ministries!

Abundant Joy Ministries is a North Carolina-based ministry that is willing to go wherever God opens the doors. After ministering with others for over fifteen years, Perry and Dolly Shaw responded to the Lord's calling to start their own ministry, and thus Abundant Joy Ministries was born.

Throughout their years of ministry, they have traveled to a number of other states, spreading the Good News that Jesus came to set the captive spirit free. Sharing personal testimonies of alcoholism, drug use, incarceration (both physical and mental) and the mighty delivering hand of God, they have seen countless hundreds of men and women escape from the darkness of sin into the marvelous light of freedom in God.

Under the banner of "Abundant Joy Ministries" they have a desire to see other ministers launched out and raised up and to walk in the calling wherewith they were called.

Do you know you have a calling, but don't know where to start? Email Perry and Dolly.  They know how to get you on the right road.